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Post Info TOPIC: Super Metroid Speed Run. *By LLR*

Aneoma Warrior

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Super Metroid Speed Run. *By LLR*

Well! I tried it last night and I got.... well.. I didn't finish it.. however it still looks pretty good! I told some of you yesterday that I would post it once I got it to the computer and here it is!

Now its not great, and It can be a LOT better. I wanted to use the SNES and run that but I could not find the power cord! BAH! So I was forced to use the Wii VC version. I was srsly NOT use to that controller.. The shoulder buttons are smaller and so are the normal buttons. I blame my horrible wall jumping skills in the beginning on that.. I gave up trying to wall jump getting out of the station.. Only part of the set that I'm really mad at (other than dieing to such a small boss..) is the wall jumping segment in the corridor. You'll see various "fail" messages as I attempt over and over again to get up there. That part can either take less than 20 seconds or over a minute and a half... BAH! Also if you see me get to a room and just... stop.. its because I forgot where to go! I hadn't ran the game in a few months and I couldn't believe how rusty I was! After getting the videos on the pc I noticed the sound was terrible. I decided to get rid of the game music and sfx all together and just slap some metal metroid on there.

Special notes,
How easily I mockballed into the room with the super missles
the song that plays when I fight Phantoon.
me screwing up on the way TO phantoon..

Also for some reason, in part 2 (which is really 3 but my pc was having probs loading vid 1 as one video) it just LOST one whole room! I stuck it on the end of the first part, but you'll see what I mean. Anyway, enjoy!

Part 1

Part 1 and a half

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 and 6 not finished running yet..died...

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RE: Super Metroid Speed Run. *By LLR*

Lol. you and your wii motes.Nice job! I'll be looking foward to the other videos when you post them biggrin.gif

-- Edited by Cybernetic Luminoth at 12:47, 2008-06-11

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