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Post Info TOPIC: History of Metroid *work in progress* also future of Metroid games

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History of Metroid *work in progress* also future of Metroid games

*work in progress, heres what I got so far*

===The Start===
Much of Samus' life and history is a mystery. She was living with her parents, Rodney Aran and Virginia Aran, on the Earth mining colony K-2L. However, her parents died when she was three years old when Space Pirates led by Their General, Ridley attacked the mining colony. Ridley and the Pirates destroyed everything.  She was the only survivor. Eventually, a group of Chozo found her alone and stranded on the destroyed colony, and seeing this young child all alone, decided to raise her themselves. They brought her to their planet, Zebes, and raised her with Chozo beliefs.  She was to be rasied as a warrior.  She was infused with Chozo blood allowing her to use the ancient Power Suit of the old Chozo Warroir and protector of the Galaxy  It had to be modified, of course.  The Chozo was a peacful race of bird like people who Travled the universe in search of other races, teaching them the ways of the chozo. Samus, decided to rid the galaxy of the evil that destroyed her home, she would spend her life hunting the Pirates and Ridley..the best way to do this...become a bounty hunter.

===Metroid 1===
After becoming the most famed and capable of all Bounty Hunters, succeeding in missions everyone considered impossible, Samus was summoned by the Galactic Federation and given the orders to infiltrate Zebes, the planet she grew up on. Apparently, Space Pirates had overrun the world. She had two objectives:

   1. Elimate the threat of the Metroids, a newly discovered species which the Space Pirates are using for evil purposes, and
   2. Destroy Mother Brain the "mechanical life vein" and central computer of Zebes' ecosystem, which was reprogrammed by the Space Pirates.

Samus successfully carried out the mission which led her to untold wealth and fame and cemented her destiny to battle the Metroids and Space Pirates.

===Metroid Prime===
After the fall of Zebes, Samus discovered a distress call and upon investigation discovered the source to be the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon on which the pirates were studying Phazon, a highly radioactive material that can mutate lifeforms. She destroyed the station and went to Tallon IV in pursuit of Meta Ridley, a winged monster she killed on Zebes, though was now rebuilt with Space Pirate technology. On Tallon IV she found that the planet had been damaged by Phazon when a meteorite had struck it some 30 to 40 years eariler. Samus then found that the Chozo had colonized this planet and lived there for many years.  The Meteorite had struck the planet and destroyed their way of life.  Many creatures came from the impact site, The Chozo, decided to seal up the impact site to stop the creatures from contaminating the planet.  It was too late though, those Chozo that lived were killed off by Space Pirates that found intrest in the impact site.  The pirates wanted to use the power of the substance that came from the metorite to further their own army.  They found that by splicing phazon into their own bodys they could make them selves much stronger, however it decreased their life span from 60+ years to only about 10 years.  This didnt matter though, they began growing NEW pirates, huge warriors that could stop the hunter, Samus.  The pirates also made use of the chozo artifacts left on the planet, reverse engineering them to make weapons out of them them selves.  They made WAVE Beam Troopers, Power Beam Troopers, ICE beam troopers and Plasma Beam Troopers.  These new troopers would add to their ranks and help contain their newest project...Metroids....  The pirates learned that from the impact site, metroids grew.  Apparently a very LARGE metroid was creating them out of phazon.  The Metriods were studied and used as weapons by the pirates.  Eventually they found the source of the phazon, they named it "Metroid Prime"  This metriod was more jellyfish looking than the others and had almost a human face.  They decided they would use their new troopers to contain this metriod and study it.  Metriod Prime did not like these pirates trying to heard it like cattle.  Prime grabbed the new troopers, drained them of their life energy and decided to wrap its body in the armors they left behind.  Metroid Prime then retreated to the impact crater.... Now Metroid prime was even more deadly, now able to use power,ice,wave and plasma beams AND protect its self from the same types of beams, making it nearly invincable.  Samus exterminated most of the pirate thread, collecting ancient upgrades to her power suit.  She had came face to face to the pirates shining achievement.  A HUGE pirate that was grown in pure phazon.  When Samus defeated the Omega Pirate, he fell directly on her, this should have ment certain death, pure poison phazon blood from the pirate infecting her Chozo's Varia Suit..however..when she stood up, she had a new suit..A Dark Suit made of phazon..  THis allowed Samus to not take any damage from phazon and allowed her limited use of the hyper beam.   Samus then battled Ridley on her way to the impact site.  Samus destroyed Ridley's wings and brought the fight to close range, there she broke his chest plate and ended up knocking him off the roofs temple....he vanished into the trees of Tallon 4..  Samus then travled to the crater its self.  There she met the now armored, Metroid Prime.  The fight lasted for what seemed ever.  Finnaly she broke the armor plating and the old Metroid Prime sunk deeper into the crater.  There Samus met the jelly fish looking, human faced metroid and found..she could not damage it!  There was one chance though, Prime would make a pool of pure phazon to grow a few metroids to attack Samus.  Samus could stand in the pool and absorb it into her suit where she could then fire it back at Prime.  Prime finaly went down, falling into a puddle of ooze and tenticles.  Samus is then grabbed by Prime and began to drag her towards it... Samus pulls away, fighting, then something strange happened... Prime pulls the Dark, Phazon Suit right out of Samus' Chozo Suit!  After absorbing the phazon suit, Prime expands violently.... The Crater begins to collapse.... Samus gets out and flies away......
The ending showed a darkend hand coming out of the ooze in the impact crater...Metroid Prime had absorbed the Phazon Suit and thanks to Samus, was given a new body...this was the birth of Dark Samus.

===Metroid Prime 2 ===
 {still editing  need to add more to it...this is mostly copy pasta from wiki}
The game begins in Samus' Gunship traveling toward Aether, with a mission to rescue Galactic Federation troopers who had crashed onto the planet as well. As she enters the atmosphere, her ship is struck by lightning and the power fails. The Gunship is sent crashing onto the planet below, but regains power after crashing through the top of a cave. Samus begins the game with many of her abilities. While she is exploring the GF tropper's abandoned base of operations, however, she is sucked into Dark Aether after an encounter with a strange blue being that looks like her. There, vicious creatures, called Ing, attack her, and all her abilites besides her Morph Ball, Charge Beam, Power Beam, Combat Visor, and Scan Visor are taken away.

Despite this, she continues her search of the GF trooper base, eventually finding their landing site, which has their burning ship, the G.F.S. Tyr, situated there. After watching their commanding officer's last entry log, she discovers all the trooper were brutally murdered by Dark Splinters Ing. She vows vegenance on their killers, but soon realizes she has reached the end of the line: the room she that might continue her path is blocked by some form of shielding that is impervious to her weapons systems. However, she soon finds a missile launcher within the landing site, and, after a short battle with some Dark Splinters, continues to explore the Temple Grounds.

Samus eventually makes it to the Great Temple, where she battles a Dark Alpha Splinter and recovers a mysterious "Energy Transfer Module", which, as she soon finds out from an alien Luminoth called U-Mos, is the key to the Luminoth's victory over the Ing. U-Mos tells Samus of a Metorite smashing into the planet long ago, the impact was so great that it knocked the energy of the planet in two.  One of light, the other of dark.  Dark creatures began coming from the dark world called ING.  This put the planet at war with them.U-Mos sends Samus to Agon Sector, where she must recover the first of the four Dark Aether energies.

Samus does so, exploring Agon and Dark Agon, as well as the Space Pirate complex contained within both. After recovring a Temple Key and recoving her Space Jump Boots, Aran infiltrates the Pirate Base, coming face to face with Dark Samus. Aran gains the Dark and Light Beams soon afterward, going once again to Dark Aether to recover the two remaining Dark Temple Keys. Once doing so, she destroys Amorbis and recovers the energy of Dark Agon.

Once she returns to the Great Temple, U-Mos gives her the mission of going to Torvus Sector and recovering the lost energy there. Samus complies, exploring Torvus, which has a lesser, but still prominent, degree of Space Pirate invasion. This time, Samus faces the Boost Guardian, the Grapple Guardian, and the Alpha Blogg while finding the three Dark Temple Keys and accessing Dark Torvus Temple. There, she fights the Chykka, obtaining the Dark Visor and the energy lost to Dark Torvus.

However, upon return to U-Mos, the great warrior tells her she has one more task: to go to Sanctuary Sector, a fortress high in the cliffs, where the last Energy Controller lies. There, Samus gains the last of her missing abilities, the Spider Ball and the Power Bomb, which she returns to Torvus to reobtain. She then fights Dark Samus one more time, acquiring the Echo Visor. Once she finds the Dark Temple keys, Samus faces Quadraxis, a Luminoth unit gone rogue, whom after defeating, acquires the Annihilator Beam and the third energy contoller - that of the Ing Hive.

When she goes back to U-Mos, he, with the power Aether now has thanks to her, gives her the Light Suit, a suit that actually has the Light of Aether within it. Then, he tells her the most dangerous mission she'd have to complete on Aether: to obtain the final Energy Controller, hidden within the Sky Temple. To enter the Sky Temple, though, she must find nine keys, two in Dark Agon, two in Dark Torvus, two in the Ing Hive, and three within the Sky Temple Grounds. With much difficulty and complex stratery, Samus finds these keys, and enters the Sky Temple.

Within the Sky Temple, Samus faces the Emperor, a mighty behemoth that rules the Ing Horde. Although she is almost defeated, Samus prevails, and obtains the final energy controller. Within the energy, Dark Aether starts to fall apart, and with only eight minutes, Samus races down to the Sky Temple gateway, where she confronts her old archnemesis - the Metroid Prime.

Dark Samus and our heroine duel out to the death, but Samus utilizes the Metroid Prime's deadly flaw - an overload of phazon. Sometimes, Dark Samus bursts out phazon blasts which Samus can collect with her Charge Beam and fire back at her. Once Samus does this continuously whilst watching out for the fiend's devilish attacks, she prevails. Although the Metroid Prime tries to touch Samus and take over her suit, she vanishes into small blue sparks before this could happen (again). Samus then quickly activates a portal conveniently placed right next to the Gateway, and, before Ing can kill her, jumps through and back into the real world.

The Luminoth, glad that they have their planet back, rejoice and thank Samus. Samus gives them back their equipment (the Light, Dark, and Annihilator Beams, the Dark and Echo Visors, and the Light and Dark Suits) and returns to her gunship, where she takes off and flies off into the vastness of space, searching for a new job, hopefully, this time, with better pay.

===Prime 3===

===Hazy about the timeline here but Prime Hunters?===

===Metroid 2 Return of Samus===

===Super Metroid===

===Metroid Fusion===

===Next Metroid Project?===

==Unfinished Business===

In Metroid Zero Mission Samus was about 20 something and was happy to rid Zebes of the pirates and destroy Mother Brain. Then ends up destroying a Pirate ship that contained a new version of Ridley.  Samus destroyed all of the pirate bases on Zebes. Then the Prime games happened.  Samus gets a distress call from a ship around Tallon 4 and lo-and-behold its a Pirate frigate from Zebes where Samus meets a new and improved Meta Ridley.  (Metroid Zero Mission took the place of Metroid 1 on Nes as the official story line) Samus then finds one wicked Metroid that just loves to draw in and copy other suits abilities.  Metroid Prime then takes the Phazon Suit from Samus and claims it for its self...  Crawling inside it and thats the birth of Dark Samus.  Enter Prime 2 and 3.  At the end of Prime 3 its pretty clear there is an entire galaxy full of metroids remember the Valhalla and where it was wrecked? and the eastern part of Sky Town was FILLED with Metroids... Also there seemed to be the remains of a lone ZETA Metroid in one of the elevator shafts.....  (just speculation)  Samus never did KILL all those metroids nor did anyone else...

Those BIG screens that show images of either Gorr or the Aurora  Unit (depending on how far through the game you are) all over sky town I noticed that in one of the pictures, it DIDN'T show the Aurora Unit!... it was a LARGE guy with a large armor plate on his shoulders.  He looked insect like and had a red trim around his head..Sounds dumb  but he kinda looked like spiderman!

Could it be the same guy chasing Samus on the 100% completion?

Gotta be related!  This picture of the guy is IN SKY TOWN, at the end of prime 3 she GOES TO SKY TOWN and some one chases her..

Ok now ending the Prime Series and .... the next game to follow is Metroid II The Return of Samus on the Game boy!?  Now Samus seems to be in her 30s or at least late 20s and all known metroids are on a Astroid/planet called SR388.  There Samus finds oodles of Metroids Evolving into creatures with arms and legs and a head & tail.
Samus kills all of them, including the Queen, except for a freshly hatched larva that gets confused and thinks Samus is its mother.  Enter the best Metroid game of all time..
Super Metroid..  Samus turns the hatchling over to the Galactic Federation and leaves only to find Ridley has followed her to the station and steals the hatchling and takes it back to the rebuilt base on Zebes.  There Samus kills a NEW Mother Brain and ends up destroying the entire planet.  Then the next game is Metroid Fusion where Samus goes back to SR388 and finds new creatures called X Parasites are thriving there and she becomes infected by them, seems that metroids were those creatures natural enemy and now that all metroids are extinct the X are thriving.  Then the game shows that the Galactic Federation has been GROWING Metroids and even the mutated/evolved ones with arms and legs. 0_o. 

And so far....thats all of the story thats been made... Still pretty big questions on what happened to the metroids that were left over from Prime 3, who that mystery guy was and just what the heck happened after the events of Fusion.



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RE: History of Metroid *work in progress* also future of Metroid games

took me FOREVER to read, but it was all worth it. very interesting, Lon Lon. You never fail to entertain me with your long, interesting threads biggrin.gif

I always wondered where she came from. thank you lon lon :]

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RE: History of Metroid *work in progress* also future of Metroid games

So, just wondering, is the Prime series over? If so, is the metroid series over? Nintendo and retro studios is capable of creative ideas.


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RE: History of Metroid *work in progress* also future of Metroid games

Yeah, I Never really got a good chance to catch up on my metroid gistory, but this ism phenominal. Thanks for the info! biggrin.gif

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