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TOPIC: Metroid Music!

Aneoma Warrior

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Metroid Music!

Hehe, had to for intros sake. This thread is about the music of the Metroid Series.

When I was a wee little lad, I remember first playing Super Metroid and playing all the way till I got to lower brinstar (red roomed hall before passing through meridia) And once I opend the door, I heard a song.. It was a very nice song.. I enjoyed it so much I stopped playing for a while and just sat there listening to the music. I would later get home from school and would play the game from the start just to get to that room, then let it play and take a nap. (this later turned into a speed running addiction... diffrent topic though.) Heheh, I started thinking that perhaps it was a bit strange to like music from a video game like that. Later in life I got the internet and found out... theres a LOT of people that liked that song. . So much so that some folks re done the song in their own way. These are a few of those great songs by great folks.

So it is my pleasure to share some of my favorite music with you guys. First.. its my most favorite..

Brinstar from Super Metroid.
Stemage Metal Metroid

AbsoluteZero-Brinstar unplugged

Drakesword-clockwork remix

And then... some songs that just flat out rawk..

The songs below are from the band Stemage on the album Metal Metroid

Metroid 1 Main Theme:Stemage



Item Collect





Metroid 1 ending Theme

Metroid 2!
Metroid 2 the tunnel

Super Metroid!


Metroid 3 Main Theme

Lower Norfair AWESOME

Metroid Prime

Space Pirates


Phendrana Drifts AWESOME

Metroid Prime 3

Title Screen and Bryyo

Now for misc songs that also rawk.

The Samareaye- Piano Metroid 1 theme

The Samareaye- Piano Metroid Prime Phendranadrifts AWESOME

Next is one of my most fav bands.. Arm Cannon.. honestly I can't say enough about these guys.
Arm Cannon- Kraid

Also here is a video of them playing that live but the sound aint that great, the mp3 is better

Youtube vid of Armcannon playing Kraid


Medley of Metroid Arm Cannon

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Aneoma Warrior

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RE: Metroid Music!

Oops almsot forgot.  About the Space Pirates song, theres an aweosme music video a fella named Keith made.

Space Pirate Music Video with Metroid Prime 3




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RE: Metroid Music!

brinstar was freaking awesome(the music)

and i love how they reaaranged it slightly in melee. god, lon lon. your threads own.



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RE: Metroid Music!

Omg I love all of them.


Watch it!!


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RE: Metroid Music!

I like them to.aww


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